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The September 30th deadline for submissions to the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of moonShine review will be here before you know it, so send your stories now, before it’s too late.

For more info, visit the prose guidelines at moonShine’s PROSE Submission Guidelines – moonShine review press.

Meanwhile, check out Contributor Mary Alice Dixon’s insightful review of the Spring/Summer 2022 issue:

Like Gothic stained-glass windows, these moonShine stories are built from broken things—people, places, objects—transformed, fractures still showing, giving depth and beauty.

Debra Daniel’s radiant photography sets the tone. She often depicts fragments, as in With an Interesting Past, A New Day, and Can’t You See. In each, a fraction suggests the whole. These building parts, street scenes, shadowy reflections reference something larger than themselves—requiring the audience to participate in imagining that larger landscape. Debra’s own story, with its yearning for Notre Dame (to say nothing of the nude yodeler!), makes the perfect grand finale. And I love how her Age of Aquarius frames my story of Go-Go-Boots

Like other moonShines, this issue can be read as a collection of thematically linked stories. The jelly jar of lost coins, the unwanted jacket hanging forever, tags still on it. A woman, turned stalker, her trespass triggered by a cheap ballpoint pen. The man who scares three young hoodlums, then befriends them. The sexy, sleazy Dot and hardened PI who channels Mickey Spillane. These are tales of grit and perseverance, wounds and redemption. And much humor. Nobody preaches but everybody teaches.

I am honored to have my work in the same collection as the perennial greats I have long admired—Joyce Compton Brown, Bob Strother, Steve Cushman, Les Brown, Michael Gaspeny, Jane Shlensky, and others. Plus the wonderful poet and storyteller David Dixon. I must meet him. Maybe we are long lost kin.

Mary Alice Dixon

KAKALAK 2022: Announcing Winners & Inclusion!

Thank you to ALL the amazing poets and artists who submitted to the Kakalak contest this year! And CONGRATULATIONS to those chosen for inclusion!

HERE’S THE COMPLETE LINE-UP of poets and artists selected for publication in KAKALAK 2022:

First Place: Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones, Spider Invasion
Second Place: Constance Lombardo, Green Woman
Third Place & Cover: Megan Ledgerwood, Green Light
Honorable Mention: Debra A. Daniel, January
Honorable Mention: Judith A. Davis, Snowy Owl
Honorable Mention: Michael A. Dorsey, Sanctuary

First Place: H.R. Spencer, “Ukrainian Anthem”
Second Place: Katherine H. Maynard, “The River Bridge”
Third Place: Jane Shlensky, “Denouement with Irony”
Honorable Mention: Michael Gaspeny, “Old Time Religion”
Honorable Mention: Nancy Martin-Young, “Risk”
Honorable Mention: Gary V. Powell, “5 AM”

Joyce Compton Brown, The Road to Home
Les Brown, Snowy Egret and Hooded Merganser
S.L. Cockerille, Mushroom
Julie Ann Cook, Foxglove
Debra A. Daniel, Morning Paper
Judith A. Davis, Chieftain
Michael A. Dorsey, Stillness Rests in the Immediacy of the Moment
Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, Awash in History
Lynn Farmer, Cool
Julia Freifeld, Inside Out
Bill Griffin, Blue Arrival
Evie Chang Henderson, Pitcher
Patricia Joynes, Fawn and Mailbox
Jack McGregor, Ketchikan from the Air
Pamela E. Miller, Blue Samurai in Watercolor
Arlene Oraby, A Splash of Nature
McClain Percy, Monochrome I
Peggy Waters Rowland, Blue Ridge Parkway
H.R. Spencer, Hook House, Irmo, South Carolina
Brittany Taylor-Driggers, Day by the Ocean
Irwin Weinberger, Songsters and Poets
Susan G. Williams, This Stick Will Do Nicely
Lee Zacharias, Northern Cardinals, The Kiss

J. S. Absher, “The Place of the Blues in the Water and Carbon Cycles”
Laura White Alderson, “Oh That Billy Bumpus Lee”
Alexandra Aradas, “notes to ak freeland”
Pam Baggett, “To the Woman Who Told Me She Has Nothing in Common with Black People”
Don Ball, “Pocket-Dialing the Pandemic”
Richard Band, “On Tom Sawyer’s First Sight of Becky Thatcher”
Joan Barasovska, “Osage Avenue, Early Morning”
Sam Barbee, “DOA”
Michael Beadle, “The Gauntlet”
Glenda Council Beall, “If”
Libby Bernardin, “Self-portrait in a Red Dress”
Al Black, “Elysium Soccer Fields”
Teresa McLamb Blackmon, “The Hitchhiker”
Susan Blair, “The News Is Not New Anymore”
Gary Bolick, “A Country Heart”
Gay Boswell, “Rules”
Katie Ellen Bowers, “Most Mornings”
Cheryl Boyer, “Love, Simply”
Mary O’Keefe Brady, “How My Morning Goes”
Doris Thomas Browder, “Always She Moaned Her Own Bad Luck”
Joyce Compton Brown, “Forgive Me, I Just Bought a Refrigerator”
Les Brown, “Green Deserts”
Kathleen Calby, “Breakneck Creek”
Bill Caldwell, “Pluck”
Barbara Campbell, “What Really Mattered the Day the Ambulance Took You Away”
Paloma A. Capanna, “Sirens Over Ukraine”
Fran Cardwell, “Old Island Church Watch Night”
Mark Caskie, “Winter Rations”
Kenneth Chamlee, “What Falls Out”
S.L. Cockerille, “Take Jesus, for Example”
Joy Colter, “Ideation”
Barbara Conrad, “Who Has the Key to the Garden?”
Julie Ann Cook, “Massacre of the Innocents: An Art Class Study of Rubens’ Masterpiece”
Susan McClain Craig, “To the Living Statue”
Jane Mary Curran, “Funeral in March”
Steve Cushman, “This Is Not a Covid Poem”
Debra A. Daniel, “Revising My Mother’s Thirteenth Birthday”
John Desjarlais, “Our Fathers’ War”
David Dixon, “Holy Ground”
Mary Alice Dixon, “Snakeberry Mama”
J Dwight Donald, “A Native Son”
Deborah H. Doolittle, “In Connemara”
Sandra Dreis, “The Potato”
Joanne Durham, “Almost Morning”
Ralph Earle, “At a Pause in the Pandemic”
Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, “A Different Kind of String Theory”
Terri Kirby Erickson, “Cana”
Lynn Farmer, “Paid”
Nicole Farmer, “Exalted”
Michael Gaspeny, “Prince Memory”
Paige Gilchrist, “Weep Holes”
Ed Gold, “At the Wesley”
Terri Greco, “Sonnet After Gregory Orr”
Anne Waters Green, “On Viewing Behind the Myth of Benevolence”
Bill Griffin, “The Woman Who Fears She Has Lost Her Son”
Cordelia M. Hanemann, “Counting the Ways”
Janis Harrington, “Quarantine”
Sandra Sturtz Hauss, “Kensico—Last Day of Spring”
Peggy W. Heitmann, “Remedy”
Mary Hennessy, “A Praise Poem Without the Praise”
Ann Herlong-Bodman, “Deer in Shadows”
Jo Ann Hoffman, “At the Mouth of the Cave with Elijah”
Charles Israel, Jr., “Holy Sonnet 14”
Karen Luke Jackson, “Peeling at the Pale Green Line”
Becky Nicole James, “Cadillac”
Steph Jeffries, “Kindness, Served”
Kelly Jones, “starry night after the diagnosis”
Patricia A. Joslin, “Hiking the Blue Star”
Jeanne Julian, “Walk in Thaw”
Britt Kaufmann, “Rights County Appalachia”
Helga Kidder, “August Song”
Eugene Kusterer, “Encounter”
Dallas Lee, “Scuffing the Stones”
Susan Lefler, “If We Had Poets”
Greg Lobas, “Mother of Justice”
John Longbottom, “Drumbeat”
Kathryn Etters Lovatt, “She Is Not Herself”
Gina Malone, “Visitations”
Sandra Marshburn, “To My Students”
Mary E. Martin, “Caught”
Preston Martin, “George Cables and Cal and Eve”
Nancy Martin-Young, “ACME”
Katherine H. Maynard, “Bucking Hamlet’s Stars”
Terri McCord, “Decontaminating the Lake”
Marjorie Schratz McNamara, “Where We Are”
Ashley Memory, “Making Bread and Butter Pickles”
Yvette R. Murray, “Saturday Mornin’ in Washington Park”
Arlene Oraby, “My Black Beauty”
Alice Osborn, “Skirts in the Snow: Leaving the Donner Party”
Pattie Palmer-Baker, “Not Enough Love”
Aleta Payne, “Veritas”
Gail Peck, “Lunch Box from Hiroshima”
Gary Phillips, “Coyote”
Fred Pond, “Carolina Reaper in the Garden”
Gary V. Powell, “Dump Run”
Sarah Pross, “Gypsies”
David Radavich, “Loving Cleome”
Judith Cummings Reese, “Cassia”
Lucia Walton Robinson, “Picnic on James Whitcomb Riley’s Tomb, 1958”
Betty Ritz Rogers, “Gordon’s Ashes”
Marilyn Keith Rousseau, “Blood-Red Tomatoes”
Richard Rubin, “Passing”
Leslie M. Rupracht, “Aunt Barb’s Huckleberries”
Nasrollah Samiy, “Love Letters”
Diane Sasson, “Removal”
Roberta Schultz, “Deep Ends”
Martin Settle, “Die with Too Many Faces”
Jane Shlensky, “Ode to a Box Turtle”
Sherry Siddall, “Trading Path”
Michael Simpson, “For Edward R. Murrow”
H.R. Spencer, “Mahamari, a Haibun Sequence”
Caren Stuart, “Snake Harmer”
Nancy Swanson, “Savannah River Basin”
Lynne Santy Tanner, “My Phone Sends Me a Video of My Deceased Husband”
Jo Barbara Taylor, “Incunabulum”
Melinda Thomsen, “A Composition & Arrangement of Matter”
Lucinda Trew, “virgins widows and wives”
Rob Vance, “My Collection”
Mark Vogel, “Memo to Water Workers”
Priscilla Webster-Williams, “Photo of a Women’s Group in a Park, 1974”
Eric Weil, “A Generation-Counting Quilt”
Jennifer Weiss, “2020 Was the Worst Year”
Louise Gwathmey Weld, “Wild Night”
Nancy Harmon Womack, “The Seamstress”
Janice P. Wright, “We Apologize: A Poem 4 Our Youngins”

Congratulations to all!
Anne M. Kaylor, Executive Editor and Publisher
Judges and Editors: Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak, Angelo Geter, David E. Poston

Kakalak 2022: Winner/Inclusion Announcement Coming Soon

Thanks again to ALL who submitted to Kakalak 2022. AND it just keeps getting better! Our judges had well over 600 poems and nearly 200 art submissions to read, view, review, and ponder. It took some extra time to go through everything thoroughly—and all the quality work submitted didn’t make it easy!

All email notifications regarding the Kakalak 2022 poetry and art contest have been sent, so PLEASE check your email (including your SPAM folder) and, if you received an acceptance letter, respond as soon as possible. If you submitted art or poetry and have NOT received a notice, please email

Your support is inspiring and much appreciated!

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher
of Kakalak, an anthology of poetry and art
by Moonshine Review Press

Latest moonShine review Now Available!

Start the summer with a great read! The latest issue of moonShine review is now available—and at a great discount! See below for ordering info.

Thanks, everyone, for submitting—what an awesome issue! Read on for a sneak peek…

One spark kindles a flame. That flame renders a blaze. And life transforms. A rural girl learns fitting in is about more than trends, and a young woman discovers her voice through fashion. Thieves find redemption rescuing a lonesome man, while parents dream beyond pandemic limits. And a lover yodels, nudely.

These quirky characters share a need to belong. Some invent facades as they attempt to conform but achieve happiness by recognizing what’s inside really counts.

Signature to moonShine, the settings herein are often stark, with loss or death an underlying current. But the authors cast light on these shadowy landscapes. Humor brings levity in the form of a giggling ghost and ruffled skunk, the riled ex-lover and cliché gumshoe. Protagonists aspire to turn negatives into positives as they accept their realities, imagine new ones, and resolve to become better versions of themselves.


FEATURED AUTHORS: Joyce Compton Brown, Les Brown, Steve Cushman, Debra A. Daniel, David Dixon, Mary Alice Dixon, Michael Gaspeny, Mary Lash, Jane Shlensky, R. A. Shockley, Bob Strother

Order your copy for $12.00 with shipping included.

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moonShine review, Spring Summer 2022

Volume 18, Issue 1


Thank you for supporting moonShine review!
Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

Quail Ridge Books Hosts Kakalak 2021 Celebration

Kakalak 2021 contributors and friends turned out for a great time at Quail Ridge Books, Sunday, May 15th.

THANKS to Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC, for hosting and Jennifer Weiss for organizing the event!

And thanks to participants: Co-Founder and Co-editor Richard Allen Taylor, Joan Barasovska, Michael Beadle,
Cordelia M. Hanemann, Janis Harrington, Preston Martin, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, Jane Seitel,
Jane Shlensky, Eric Weil, and Jennifer Weiss.

(First Row) Cordelia M. Hanneman, Joan Barasovska, Janis Harrington; (Second Row) Eric Weil, Jennifer Weiss, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, Richard Allen Taylor; (Third Row) Michael Beadle, Jane Seitel
Preston Martin
Jane Shlensky

There’s still time to submit to the Kakalak 2022 Poetry & Art Contest before the deadline of May 30th!
For more information on the deadline and guidelines, visit:

Great Turnout at The Brandy Bar!

Contributors to Kakalak 2021 recently presented to an enthusiastic crowd at The Brandy Bar in Hendersonville, NC.
THANK YOU to Kathleen Calby for coordinating the event and to The Brandy Bar for hosting.

And thanks to Cathleen, Nancy Swanson, Kathy Ackerman, Ginger Graziano, Susan Lefler, and Kenneth Chamlee for participating!

L to R: Kathleen Calby, Nancy Swanson, Kathy Ackerman, Ginger Graziano, Susan Leffler, Kenneth Chamlee

The deadline for submissions to this year’s Kakalak Poetry and Art Contest is May 30th, 2022.
Submit for the opportunity to join in these community-building events!

Two Readings in May to Celebrate Kakalak 2021

If you’re in the Hendersonville, NC, area on MAY 9th, head over to The Brandy Bar for the Kakalak 2021 celebration. The reading begins at 7 p.m., and The Brandy Bar is located at 504 Seventh Avenue, Hendersonville, NC. Thanks to Katherine Calby for coordinating this event!

And Kakalakers are gathering on Sunday, MAY 15th, at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC. The reading begins at 2 p.m.—but show up early to shop this wonderful bookstore! Thanks to Jennifer Weiss for organizing this event!

Don’t forget, to be part of all these wonderful readings in the future, you have to submit! Deadline for Kakalak 2022 is May 30th. Visit for more details.

Wonderful Kakalak Reading in Rock Hill

Photo Courtesy of Kim Blum-Hyclak

Kakalakers received a warm welcome at Afternoon of Poetry and Prose in Rock Hill, SC, April 10th.

THANK YOU to Kim Blum-Hyclak for hosting the Kakalak 2021 event and to Kim and David E. Poston, editors, for introducing and reading.

All the participants did an amazing job: Kathy Ackerman, Al Black, Doris Thomas Browder, Joy Colter, Julie Ann Cook, Debra A. Daniel, Sandra Marshburn, Terri McCord, and Kathryn Waller.

Submissions for this year’s Kakalak Contest opened March 1, and the final deadline is May 30th, 2022. Hope ALL will submit!

Scuppernong Books Hosts Kakalak 2021 Reading

Kakalak 2021 contributors and friends had a great time at Scuppernong Books, Sunday, April 3rd.

HUGE THANKS to Scuppernong Books, Greensboro, NC, for hosting and SPECIAL THANK YOU to Steve Cushman for organizing the whole event (and taking photos)!

And thanks to all the participants: Co-editor David Poston, Joan Barasovska, Sam Barbee, David Dixon, Michael Gaspeny, Laura D. Hare, Janis Harrington, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, and Jane Shlensky.

Steve Cushman
Alice Osborn
Jane Shlensky
David E. Poston
Janis Harrington
Joan Barasovska
Michael Gaspeny
Laura D, Hare
David Dixon
Nancy Martin-Young
Sam Barbee

Announcing Release of moonShine review Fall/Winter Issue

The latest issue of moonShine review releases December 8, so get your pre-orders in now! See below for ordering info.

Thanks to all for making this an OUTSTANDING issue! Read on for a sneak peek…

We all have scars. Maybe you split your knee open when the school bully shoved you onto rocks. Or you got carried away and sliced your hand with the kitchen knife. Or the IED’s shrapnel left jagged lines across your legs and torso. The physical flaws we accrue show how we’ve lived, by circumstance and choice.

Likewise, the emotional trauma we collect leaves scars—usually far deeper than the visible. Throughout this issue, protagonists struggle to grow beyond mental and emotional injury. Young or old, fit or feeble, they toil to let go, leave behind, move on. One character, forced to a new home, finds comfort in baking. Another discovers friendship by putting past bigotries to rest. Even our humorous pieces lightly address the foibles of getting stuck in one’s own head.

These characters learn—through failures and feats, regret and relief, loss and love—what we leave behind shapes us as much as what we choose to carry forward. In the end, we feel much like Allen Stevenson’s protagonist in “Ike’s Flight”:

He catches an inkling of how everything works together: the fire that hardens
and purifies; the water that cools and relieves; the light of wonder against
the dark depths of grief; the wholeness of love and the void of separation.

Featured Photographer: Bill Griffin

Featured Authors: Anjali Arulpragasam Ashley, Michael Beadle, Les Brown, Michael Gaspeny, Lee Grossman, Lana Hendershott, Lisa Williams Kline, Kenneth N. Margolin, Jane Shlensky, Susan Snowden, Allen Stevenson, Bob Strother, Elizabeth B. Watson


Order your copy for $7.00 ($1.00 off retail) plus tax & shipping
To order a SINGLE copy via PayPal—you can pay with a Credit Card OR PayPal account:

Click HERE

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Thank you, contributors, for making this and every issue a labor of love. Thanks, James, for your partnership, patience, and persistence making moonShine a reality. For all, I pray we find healing and peace in the coming year and learn the truth inherent in these tales—how to become the best of ourselves.

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher