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and Kakalak, our poetry and art annual contest and anthology

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About the Press


The press began eighteen years ago, first producing moonShine review and individuals’ poetry collections, then expanding to include other types of publications and formally becoming Moonshine Review Press.

Early on, we focused on creative prose and photography, through the publication of the bi-annual journal moonShine review, seeing this as an untapped niche in the region. Since, we have published—or helped get published—writers of practically every genre, from novels, short story, and poetry collections to spiritual guidebooks, memoirs, and historical documentaries.

Last year, Moonshine Review Press added Kakalak Anthology of Poets and Artists to our published journals, thus growing our press. The contest for Kakalak 2022 is already in the works, even as we celebrate the Kakalak 2021 issue with in-person and Zoom readings. And, after a successful inaugural Zoom reading in January, we want to continue virtual moonShine review readings for future issues.

It’s important to note that everyone involved in this press volunteers their time. Why? Because we love the arts and are passionate about the written word. Book sales and contest fees cover the costs of contest awards and printing our next publication, when we’re lucky.

Keep Writing. Keep Sharing.
Anne M. Kaylor


  1. AWESOME great website, Anne! I’m so excited about ALL of the plates you’re spinning in the air these days! Looking forward to your new publishing endeavors AND the Kakalak readings! WooooHoooo!!! Best wishes always! in joy!

  2. Dear Anne,

    I enjoyed your self description and physical and emotional travels. I live in Sun City, as does Melanie Ayres. My vocation was graphic and Toy product design but also did much writing in these areas. For the last 25 years I have written short stories and some poetry, some poems published in NYC. I am now writing two books both with strong spiritual focus. I am very interested in joining your group if you meet and continue to write. When living in MA, I was part of a writing group and felt it was a great help in keeping me challenged and focused. My telephone number is 803-661-1174. I would love to hear from you. I know, when these two books are finished by the end of this year, I will need guidance in the process of publishing. You appear to have good knowledge about that.

    Best to you,
    Lorraine Marra Russell 5099 Folly Lane Fort Mill SC 29707

    1. Thank you for your interest, Lorraine. I encourage you to submit to one of our journals–moonShine review publishes creative prose and photography; Kakalak is a poetry and art contest with prizes and publication offered. Publishing these two journals takes much of my time and funds, so I am not currently publishing individuals’ works, and I don’t have a writing group established as part of moonShine Review Press. I am an editor by trade and do offer my editing and design services, so I would be happy to quote you a cost when your manuscripts are ready. Best to you in your writing!
      Anne Kaylor

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