June Release: moonShine review Spring/Summer 2023

Our Spring/Summer 2023 issue of moonShine review is here—and what a beautiful collection of stories and photography this time!

We have a quirkier than usual cast proliferating this issue’s pages,
from the unhappy partner searching for answers in Home Depot to
a writing recluse who plots to deceive her readers. Whether merely
eccentric or outright wacky, these voices literally jump off the page
as characters grieve or deny grief, run toward or away from relationships,
and rebel to right unjust wrongs or to just act out.


FEATURED AUTHORS: Joyce Compton Brown,
Katherine Burnette, Debra A. Daniel, Ginny Foard,
Michael Gaspeny, LJ Hippler, Nancy Martin-Young,
Gary V. Powell, Karen Sleeth, Dominik Slusarczyk,
Dennis H. Smith, Alison Stone, Bob Strother, Jessi Waugh

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2023 Spring/Summer moonShine review

moonShine review, volume 19, issue 1


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Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

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