KAKALAK 2021 Winners & Inclusion

CONGRATULATIONS to the contest winners and all those included in this year’s KAKALAK! HERE’S THE COMPLETE LINE UP of poets and artists selected for publication in KAKALAK 2021:

First Place: Trish Sheppard, “Morning at the Mill”
Second Place: Debra A. Daniel, “Night City”
Third Place: Joseph Elliot Demaegd, “Basquiat”
Honorable Mention: Carolyn Elkins, “Four Corners”
Honorable Mention: DJ Gaskin, “Tataria”
Honorable Mention and Cover Art: Laura D. Hare, “My glass is half full…what’s yours?”

First Place: Susan Lefler, “After the Assault”
Second Place: Pam Baggett, “Janis Joplin Considers”
Third Place: Debra A. Daniel, “In March When the Shutdown Begins, I Journey into Watercolor”
Honorable Mention: Irene Blair Honeycutt, “One Peppermint Ball”
Honorable Mention: Karen Luke Jackson, “Rocking”
Honorable Mention: Jeanne Julian, “I Wrap Your Ankle”

Melanie T. Aves, “Tulips”
Christina Baumis, “Frog Croak Echoes”
Cheryl Boyer, “Stable Sunrise”
Joyce Compton Brown, “Side Door at Walled Up Cathedral, Strasbourg”
Les Brown, “Hummingbird on Cosmos”
S.L. Cockerille, “Vision at Sea”
Michael A. Dorsey, “The Universal Constant”
Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones, “Lesley’s Memorial Garden: First Peony”
Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, “When Fire Turns to Rust”
Terri Greco, “A Boy and His Dog”
Bill Griffin, “Incisors”
Evie Chang Henderson, “Snowy in Swirly Reflections”
Arlene Oraby, “Surprise of a Deer”
Marty Pitcairn, “Storm Among the Cypress”
Peggy Waters Rowland, “Papa”
Lynne Santy Tanner, “From the Boat House, Evening”
Kathryn Waller, “The Abandoned Piano”
Al Walton, “Cargo”
Susan G. Williams, “Graceful”

Kathy Ackerman, “Wedding Day Baptism”
Pam Baggett, “Lucky Girl, 1968”
Dorothy Baird, “Summer Storm on Shackleford Banks”
Don Ball, “Wish”
KB Ballentine, “Refuge”
Richard Band, “Bones”
Joan Barasovska, “A Walk on Palmer Avenue”
Sam Barbee, “Next Galaxy Over”
Tina Barr, “Viral”
Michael Beadle, “Drag”
Libby Bernardin, “Transformation”
Al Black, “Porch Sitting”
Teresa McLamb Blackmon, “Farmers’ Habits”
Gay Boswell, “Memorize Everything Just in Case”
Mary O’Keefe Brady, “Communion”
Doris Thomas Browder, “After the AARP Driving Course”
Joyce Compton Brown, “November Harvest”
Les Brown, “Diggy, 1947”
Adrienne K. Burris, “masklophobia at the state fair”
Kathleen Calby, “A Curtsey to Rex Begonia
Bill Caldwell, “After George Floyd”
Barbara Campbell, “In an Alanon Meeting, a Therapist Sits Next to Me”
Catherine Carter, “Ode: Falafel”
Kenneth Chamlee, “Seed”
S.L. Cockerille, “Mademoiselle”
Joy Colter, “Pandemic Ides of March”
Julie Ann Cook, “Absalom and Eliza, 1862”
Beth Copeland, “Fog”
Susan McClain Craig, “Taken to Rubinstein”
Steve Cushman, “Cast”
Debra A. Daniel, “Your Personal Regret Recount Has Been Completed”
David Dixon, “Yes, A Snowflake”
Mary Alice Dixon, “Aunt Lil’s Crazy Quilt”
Deborah H. Doolittle, “My Covid19 Nervous Breakdown”
Gabriel Dunsmith, “Genius loci”
Ralph Earle, “Wren and Wren”
Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, “A Downfall of Carpenter Bees”
Terri Kirby Erickson, “The Sam White Special”
Lynn Farmer, “Never Having Learned a Thing”
Nicole Farmer, “dyslexia c. 1972”
Judith Ferster, “Watching”
Janice Moore Fuller, “Emory at the Beach”
DJ Gaskin, “Cicada Spring”
Michael Gaspeny, “Loco-Motion”
Ed Gold, “Neruda’s Questions”
Ginger Graziano, “Light-Shocked Night”
Terri Greco, “Postscript for My Grandmother”
Bill Griffin, “A While”
Cordelia M. Hanemann, “Standing in Silence”
Tim Harkins, “Resonance”
Janis Harrington, “The Home Front”
Lisa M. Hase-Jackson, “One Saturday in March, We Deal Again with Mortality”
Evie Chang Henderson, “Him Dead”
Mary Hennessy, “Are We There?”
Ann Herlong-Bodman, “Somewhere South of Summer”
Jo Ann Hoffman, “Aversion”
Marguerite Hogan, “Red Light District”
Lew Holton, “Ta Da Roses”
Irene Blair Honeycutt, “Cicada, I Never Knew You Were the Loudest Insect in the World Until I Read”
Earl Carlton Huband, “A Little Reassurance”
Karen Luke Jackson, “A Year in the Garden Hamlet”
Kelly Jones, “After Hurricane Hugo, 1989”
Patricia A. Joslin, “I Didn’t Mean to Write a Poem”
Jeanne Julian, “The Owl’s Retreat”
Greg Lobas, “Three a.m.”
Kathryn Etters Lovatt, “Bedfellows”
Sandra Marshburn, “Trees and Flowers”
Preston Martin, “The Picnic”
Nancy Martin-Young, “The Doors”
Katherine H. Maynard, “Low Tide”
Terri McCord, “Red”
Cynthia McDonald, “And so I call”
Marjorie Schratz McNamara, “in the middle of the night”
Charles V. Murray, “Prayer”
Alice Osborn, “Stars and Storm”
Gail Peck, “Starving Child and Vulture”
Lucia Walton Robinson, “Reading Aloud to Mother”
Leslie M. Rupracht, “Lorem ipsum”
Roberta Schultz, “Mr. Paolucci”
Jane Seitel, “Deposition”
Martin Settle, “Dead Men’s Socks”
Jane Shlensky, “Parking Lot Sermon During Pandemic”
Sherry Siddall, “Thinking About Souls”
Michael Simpson, “Nureyev”
Duncan Smith, “Telling Stories”
Susan Willey Spalt, “Felix”
H.R. Spencer, “It’s Too Late to Title This”
Lynn Stanton, “Vertigo After Third Shift”
Caren Stuart, “When My Sister and I Would Spend the Night at Mom’s House”
Nancy Swanson, “In the South We Call Them Groundhogs”
Lynne Santy Tanner, “South Georgia 1945”
Jo Barbara Taylor, “Whose House”
Melinda Thomsen, “Snapshots of Mothering Earth’s Work”
Betsy Thorne, “A Stranger Here”
Danielle Ann Verwers, “Two Sparrows for a Penny”
Mark Vogel, “When Words Aren’t Fixed”
Kathryn Waller, “The Printmaker”
Carmen Dressler Ward, “On the Sea of Mending”
Priscilla Webster-Williams, “Still Life with Corona Virus”
Eric Weil, “A Flint Hide-Scraper”
Jennifer Weiss, “Spring Beauty”
Nancy Womack, “Reclamation”

Congratulations to all!
Anne M. Kaylor, Executive Editor and Publisher
Judges and Editors: Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak, David E. Poston, Richard Allen Taylor

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