moonShine review


Back in 2004, I had this idea that our region needed an outlet for prose writers and for creative photographers. That idea coalesced one night as I sat with friends at Thomas Street Tavern, discussing how we writers find inspiration by moonlight, by the moon’s Shine.

And so the journal’s mission statement was born:
moonShine review is more than a journal of creative prose and photography. It is about what speaks to you in the moonlight and the shadows cast in mind and memory. For only in the darkness can we expose all of ourselves.

It’s hard to believe this bi-annual journal is entering its 17th year in publication. I’ve been fortunate to experience new and return writing contributors in every issue, those who—through their combined work—always provide a cohesive theme, whether we set a theme in advance or not. And each new featured photographer brings a world of talent and inspiration to moonShine’s pages.

I believe 2021 will be a pivotal year for the world, and I’m committed to speaking out more, to acting for change rather than idly standing by. Believing in equality, in social justice is no longer enough. We writers stand on the front lines of change, and I expect moonShine review to be a vehicle for such. So, send me those submissions—speak to me, speak to the moon, speak to change.

Keep Writing. Keep Sharing.
Anne M. Kaylor

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