moonShine’s PHOTOGRAPHY Submission Guidelines


No Set Theme


(1) Read About moonShine review on this website.
(2) Read these instructions step by step.


Eligibility: Anyone

We’re looking for inspiring, creative photography with a personal perspective, and, as always, we’re drawn to images that capture our motto of “light within the dark.”

We feature one (1) photographer in each issue. Please submit a variety of subject matters/content, since we choose photos based on fit the overall theme that coalesces with story selection.

We work on one issue at a time and make our selections the months immediately following each deadline.
Upcoming Deadlines: September 30th, 2023 (choosing in October) and March 31st, 2024 (choosing in April). Submissions are accepted year-round.


  • We accept images as JPEG files only. Please convert your files to this format before submitting.
  • We accept ONLY email submissions and require you use Dropbox. We won’t consider submissions sent with links to a website other than Dropbox.
  • All notifications are sent via email. Please add to your accepted emails list, so we don’t end up in your SPAM.
  • Payment is one (1) complimentary copy of the issue and a substantial discount on additional copies.
  • HORIZONTAL photos are REQUIRED for cover—Cover photo wraps front to back and bleeds on all edges.
  • VERTICAL photos are PREFERRED for inside—Page size drastically limits size of horizontal photos.
  • Email with your Dropbox link and include the following in the body of your email (you may send your Dropbox link as a separate email):
    • The name you go by AND your full name as you want it to appear in moonShine review
    • Your contact name, if it is different from your pen name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • USPS mailing address—If accepted, needed to mail your copy
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Inside Photo Requirements:

  1. Provide 300 dpi, at least 4 x 6 in size.
  2. Provide vertical photos (highly preferred).
  3. Include 40 to 50 photos for consideration, no more than 100.
  4. Do not convert to black and white. Photos already taken in black and white are acceptable.
  5. Convert all files to jpeg before submitting.

Cover Photo Requirements:

  1. Provide 300 dpi, at least 9 x 12.
  2. Provide horizontal photos only.
  3. Provide color photos only.
  4. Include 5 to 10 photos for consideration, no more than 15.
  5. Convert all files to jpeg before submitting.

Please understand the guidelines above are necessary to give us the best opportunity to consider your work.

If you have additional questions after reading these guidelines, please email

THANK YOU. We look forward to your submissions!

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher