Embers on the Wind by Bob Strother

moonSHINE Review Press (2018), 310 pages, $19.00
ISBN 978‐0‐9743410‐4‐0, Historical Fiction

Embers Front Cover-low res

In 1942, America has joined the allied forces as the Second World War rages on the international front. When tragedy strikes at home, Louise fractures, and it’s up to friends and family to bring her back. As everyone fights for the future and clings desperately to hope, Louise wonders if hope might not be the cruelest torture of all.

Third and final novel in the Burning Time trilogy, this compelling epic picks up where A Fire to Be Kindled left off, as protagonist Louise Carlyon, her family, and her friends struggle through war and personal crises—a book you won’t want to put down once you start reading…

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