Leadership: Taking the High Road by Jack Grubbs

Leadership: Taking the High Road
Authors: Jack Grubbs and Frank Withers

moonSHINE Review Press

ISBN: 978-0-9743410-9-6, 200 pages

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Leadership: Taking the High Road looks at good and poor leadership, emphasizing those principles and actions needed for success at any level of leader­ship. The authors grab hold immediately, keeping you entertained and informed through a mix of  stories and experienced, personal insights. Whether you are CEO of a multibillion dollar corporation or working in the mail­room, read this book. It should end up with penciled notes in the margins and smudged, often used pages.


It’s clear from the outset Jack and Frank have a keen understanding of the essence of leadership. Their book is filled with common-sense insights, practical How To’s, and uncommon wisdom. This book sneaks up on you yet distills complex ideas down to easy-to-understand notions. It is uncomplicated. Interesting. Practical. And fun!
—Peter M. Dawkins, Rhodes Scholar, Heisman Trophy Winner, Former Vice-Chairman of Citigroup

Leadership is the glue that binds an organization, that energizes and guides it in accomplishing its mission and cultivates pride in its successes. Jack Grubbs understands this and provides a method for developing the leadership character essential for the future of any organization.
—Frederick J. Kroesen, General (Ret) U.S. Army Former Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army


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