Stories Not to Tell by Bob Strother

Sequel to Shug’s Place

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When an Army buddy’s twelve-year-old daughter goes missing, Vietnam veteran Shug Barnes enlists a cadre of old friends and new acquaintances to track down the kidnappers. His newly formed posse, a unique mix of men and women on both sides of the law, go to great lengths to rescue the young girl—and still keep their own secrets intact. To do so, they will challenge a force seething with racial hatred, more insidious than Waco’s Koresh and just as lethal.

Gary V. Powell: This book reminds us that, beneath the surface of a bland, homogenous, white-collar American landscape lies a rich, blue-collar, black market underbelly. Bankers and politicians walk the streets in broad daylight, but hustlers and grifters ply the darkness. Yet, in that darkness, an old school code of honor is at play, a code of honor that feels solid and reassuring in these uncertain times.

Nancy McFarlane: A cast of the most unlikely characters come together in this action-packed crime thriller… colorful characters whose lives are intertwined in an unputdownable quest…

Susan Reichert: An excellent read… 

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