Kakalak 2022 ART

While we love the printed black and white versions of this year’s art, we want everyone to see the chosen art in its full glory, as submitted.
Winners are shown first, with all other art presented alphabetically by artist’s last name.

Spider Invasion by Evelyn Eickmeyer Quiñones
[First Place Art Winner]
Green Woman by Constance Lombardo
[Second Place Art Winner]

Green Light by Megan J. Ledgerwood
[Third Place & Cover Art Winner]
January by Debra A. Daniel
[Art Honorable Mention]

Snowy Owl by Judith A. Davis
[Art Honorable Mention]
Sanctuary by Michael A. Dorsey
[Art Honorable Mention]

The Road to Home by Joyce Compton Brown
Snowy Egret and Hooded Merganser by Les Brown

Mushroom by S.L. Cockerille
Foxglove by Julie Ann Cook

Morning Paper by Debra A. Daniel
Chieftain by Judith A. Davis

The Nature of the Occurrence by Michael A. Dorsey
Awash in History by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

Cool by Lynn Farmer
Inside Out by Julia Freifeld

Blue Arrival by Bill Griffin
Pitcher by Evie Chang Henderson

Fawn and Mailbox by Patricia Joynes
Ketchikan from the Air by Jack McGregor

Blue Samurai in Watercolor by Pamela E. Miller
A Splash of Nature by Arlene Oraby

Monochrome I by McClain Percy
Blue Ridge Parkway by Peggy Waters Rowland

Hook House, Irmo, South Carolina by H.R. Spencer
Day by the Ocean by Brittany Taylor-Driggers

Songsters and Poets by Irwin Weinberger
This Stick Will Do Nicely by Susan G. Williams

Northern Cardinals, The Kiss by Lee Zacharias