Kakalak 2021 ART

While the printed black and white versions of this year’s art certainly captivate and inspire, this space shows the chosen art in its full glory, as submitted.
Winners are shown first, with all other art presented alphabetically by artist’s last name.

Morning at the Mill by Trish Sheppard [First Place Art Winner]
Night City by Debra A. Daniel [Second Place Art Winner]

Basquiat by Joseph Elliot DeMaegd [Third Place Art Winner]
Tataria by DJ Gaskin [Honorable Mention Art Winner]
Four Corners by Carolyn Elkins [Honorable Mention Art Winner]

My Glass is half full … what’s yours? by Laura D. Hare
[Honorable Mention & Cover Art Winner]

Tulips by Melanie T. Aves
Frog Croak Echoes by Christina Baumis
Stable Sunrise by Cheryl Boyer
Side Door at Walled-up Cathedral, Strasbourg by Joyce Compton Brown
Hummingbird on Cosmos by Les Brown
Vision at Sea by S.L. Cockerille
The Universal Constant by Michael A. Dorsey
Lesley’s Memorial Garden: First Peony by Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones
When Fire Turns to Rust by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran
A Boy and His Dog by Terri Greco
Incisors by Bill Griffin
Snowy in Swirly Reflections by Evie Chang Henderson
Surprise of a Deer by Arlene Oraby
Storm Among the Cypress by Marty Pitcairn
Papa by Peggy Waters Rowland
From the Boat House, Evening by Lynne Santy Tanner
The Abandoned Piano by Kathryn Waller
Cargo by Al Walton
Graceful by Susan G. Williams