Floating a Full Boat by Anne M. Hicks (Kaylor)

Floating a Full Boat
Author: Anne Kaylor
(Published under “Anne M. Hicks”)
Main Street Rag Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-1-59948-216-3, 96 pages

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This author exhibits an un-relinquishing attention to words and syllables to unearth the meaning for each poem’s character. Meanwhile, the photography delivers a crisp flavor, unexpected delights, and layers of discoveries. The meticulous pairings of photographs add to the experience of the collection—for each poem and as a whole.


With her photography and poetry, Anne M. Hicks points the reader toward an uneasy, unpredictable future by merging image and word at the very outset, showing us fruit “Almost Ready to Pick” and suggesting the reader to “forget the future…” in the first poem “(I’m) easy.” From there she moves us through loss, pain, and redemption throughout this collection, which made me want to read and reread these poems, as well as contemplate the photos and their significance for both the poet and the reader. She weaves memory, desire, love, anger, humor, and hope into a unique tapestry of honest introspection and observation. This is a collection to encounter and delight in.
—Jonathan K. Rice, Editor/Publisher of Iodine Poetry Journal

Behind every line in these sensual, honest poems lingers the tragic loss of a father. The compelling poems in Floating a Full Boat leave a lump in the reader’s throat — of anguish, of trying to make sense of death — and rise above the hand that has been dealt. These poems are “worth that last note of woe.”
—Maureen Sherbondy, Author of After the Fairy Tale, Praying at Coffee Shops, The Slow Vanishing

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