Kakalak 2021 Now Available

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All orders placed will be fulfilled the week of November 29th. Thank you!

What a wonderful line-up of talent we have for Kakalak 2021!

SPECIAL THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to all the contributors!

Kakalak 2021 Art Award Winners:
First Place: Trish Sheppard, “Morning at the Mill”
Second Place: Debra A. Daniel, “Night City”
Third Place: Joseph Elliot DeMaegd, “Basquiat”
Honorable Mention: Carolyn Elkins, “Four Corners”
Honorable Mention: DJ Gaskin, “Tataria”
Honorable Mention and Cover Art: Laura D. Hare, “My glass is half full … what’s yours?”

Kakalak 2021 Poetry Award Winners:
First Place: Susan Lefler, “After the Assault”
Second Place: Pam Baggett, “Janis Joplin Considers”
Third Place: Debra A. Daniel, “In March When the Shutdown Begins, I Journey into Watercolor”
Honorable Mention: Irene Blair Honeycutt, “One Peppermint Ball”
Honorable Mention: Karen Luke Jackson, “Rocking”
Honorable Mention: Jeanne Julian, “I Wrap Your Ankle”


HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: $10.00 ($5.00 off retail) plus $6.00 shipping.
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To order MULTIPLE copies, email Kakalak@carolina.rr.com.

And stay tuned for more Kakalak news. Art will be posted in color on the website in December!

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher