Kakalak 2022 Launch Party Great Success!

We had a tremendous turnout and fabulous sharing of poetry and art as Kakalak 2022 contributors and friends gathered at the Lancaster Cultural Arts Center January 21.

It takes a lot of work to pull together such a great event, so HUGE THANKS to the following:

  • Johannes Tromp and John Craig, for providing the Cultural Arts Center as the venue
  • Co-editor Kim Blum-Hyclak, for coordinating venue logistics, cake, and presenter introductions
  • Co-editors David E. Poston and Angelo Geter, for setup, food and drink, and presenter introductions
  • Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones, for photographing our event
    (Unless otherwise noted, photos posted were taken by Evelyn.)
  • Jack McGregor, for providing additional photos
  • James Kaylor, for setup, book sales, greeting attendees and more

And special thanks to all the participants and their friends and family members for coming out to celebrate!

Katie Ellen Bowers gets support from husband Josh and daughter Lillian before her reading. During Open Mic, Lillian shared her own poetry talents.
Kim, Angelo, and David take a moment to admire the cake.
A book good enough to eat!
(Art by cover winner, Megan J. Ledgerwood)
Anne and James pause with the cake in the reception area.
Richard Band comments on his poem “On Tom Sawyer’s First Sight of Becky Thatcher”
Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones displays her first prize art
“Spider Invasion” (photo by James Kaylor)
Attendees gather as Kim Blum-Hyclak serves cake.
Angelo Geter introduces the first group of presenters.
Anne Kaylor shares her gratitude for the great venue and turnout.
H.R. (Randy) Spencer presents his first prize poem “Ukrainian Anthem.”
Anne Waters Green comments on her poem “On Viewing Behind the Myth of Benevolence.”
View of the venue’s grandeur (photo by Jack McGregor)
Joy Colter reads her poem “Ideation.”
Doris Thomas Browder reads her poem “Always She Moaned Her Own Bad Luck.”
Janice P. Wright presents her poem “We Apologize:
A Poem 4 Our Youngins.”
During break, John Craig and James Kaylor discuss Kakalak past and present.
David Radavich reads his poem “Loving Cleome.”
Mary Alice Dixon gives a playful reading of her poem “Snakeberry Mama.”
Johannes Tromp and Richard Band share insights.
Jack McGregor discusses how he captured “Ketchikan from the Air.”
Lucinda Trew reads her poem
“virgins widows and wives.”
Patricia A. Joslin reads her poem
“Hiking the Blue Star.”
Formerly a church, Lancaster’s Cultural Arts Center underwent major renovations before reopening as the CAC. (Photo by Jack McGregor)
Gary V. Powell reads his poem 5 AM” (which received an honorable mention).
Debra A. Daniel, winner of an honorable mention for “January,” discusses her art while husband Jack McGregor helps out.
Mary Alice Dixon gains support from son, Jay Hinson.
David E. Poston introduces presenters.
During Open Mic, Lynn Stanton reads her poem “Vertigo, after Third Shift” from Kakalak 2021.
Katie Ellen Bowers presents her poem
“Most Mornings.”

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