moonShine review Fall/Winter 2022

Our Fall/Winter 2022 issue of moonShine review is out just in time for the holidays! And what an incredible collection of stories and photography!

If the voices in this moonShine joined a choir, the resulting cacophony might send us racing in the opposite direction. Many characters live rough, and their coarse language and descriptions show it. But beneath these raw exteriors we find common ground, authenticity, and wisdom. We can’t help but relate to sibling angst, vulnerability masked as bravado, the naivety of youth. And the more refined voices carry similar tones, creating intimacy and an opportunity to bond. It takes a sharp bird’s view to see all this issue has to offer, and luckily the photography provides exactly that. So, let these voices and images flow through you without judgment and with a healthy sense of humor. Accept—as Bridget does in “Doll Clothes for Jesus”—that these stories are “enough to stuff a feather bed and noose a goose.”


FEATURED AUTHORS: June Freeman Baswell, Les Brown, Steve Cushman, Debra A. Daniel, Mary Alice Dixon, Melanie Maggard, Gary V. Powell, Heather Rutherford, Jane Shlensky, R.A. Shockley, Allen Stevenson, Bob Strother, Elizabeth B. Watson

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2022 Fall/Winter moonShine review

moonShine review Volume 18, issue 2


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