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The September 30th deadline for submissions to the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of moonShine review will be here before you know it, so send your stories now, before it’s too late.

For more info, visit the prose guidelines at moonShine’s PROSE Submission Guidelines – moonShine review press.

Meanwhile, check out Contributor Mary Alice Dixon’s insightful review of the Spring/Summer 2022 issue:

Like Gothic stained-glass windows, these moonShine stories are built from broken things—people, places, objects—transformed, fractures still showing, giving depth and beauty.

Debra Daniel’s radiant photography sets the tone. She often depicts fragments, as in With an Interesting Past, A New Day, and Can’t You See. In each, a fraction suggests the whole. These building parts, street scenes, shadowy reflections reference something larger than themselves—requiring the audience to participate in imagining that larger landscape. Debra’s own story, with its yearning for Notre Dame (to say nothing of the nude yodeler!), makes the perfect grand finale. And I love how her Age of Aquarius frames my story of Go-Go-Boots

Like other moonShines, this issue can be read as a collection of thematically linked stories. The jelly jar of lost coins, the unwanted jacket hanging forever, tags still on it. A woman, turned stalker, her trespass triggered by a cheap ballpoint pen. The man who scares three young hoodlums, then befriends them. The sexy, sleazy Dot and hardened PI who channels Mickey Spillane. These are tales of grit and perseverance, wounds and redemption. And much humor. Nobody preaches but everybody teaches.

I am honored to have my work in the same collection as the perennial greats I have long admired—Joyce Compton Brown, Bob Strother, Steve Cushman, Les Brown, Michael Gaspeny, Jane Shlensky, and others. Plus the wonderful poet and storyteller David Dixon. I must meet him. Maybe we are long lost kin.

Mary Alice Dixon

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