moonShine review Spring/Summer 2022

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One spark kindles a flame. That flame renders a blaze. And life transforms. A rural girl learns fitting in is about more than trends, and a young woman discovers her voice through fashion. Thieves find redemption rescuing a lonesome man, while parents dream beyond pandemic limits. And a lover yodels, nudely.

These quirky characters share a need to belong. Some invent facades as they attempt to conform but achieve happiness by recognizing what’s inside really counts.

Signature to moonShine, the settings herein are often stark, with loss or death an underlying current. But the authors cast light on these shadowy landscapes. Humor brings levity in the form of a giggling ghost and ruffled skunk, the riled ex-lover and cliché gumshoe. Protagonists aspire to turn negatives into positives as they accept their realities, imagine new ones, and resolve to become better versions of themselves.


FEATURED AUTHORS: Joyce Compton Brown, Les Brown, Steve Cushman, Debra A. Daniel, David Dixon, Mary Alice Dixon, Michael Gaspeny, Mary Lash, Jane Shlensky, R. A. Shockley, Bob Strother

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moonShine review, Spring Summer 2022

Volume 18, Issue 1


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