Quail Ridge Books Hosts Kakalak 2021 Celebration

Kakalak 2021 contributors and friends turned out for a great time at Quail Ridge Books, Sunday, May 15th.

THANKS to Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC, for hosting and Jennifer Weiss for organizing the event!

And thanks to participants: Co-Founder and Co-editor Richard Allen Taylor, Joan Barasovska, Michael Beadle,
Cordelia M. Hanemann, Janis Harrington, Preston Martin, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, Jane Seitel,
Jane Shlensky, Eric Weil, and Jennifer Weiss.

(First Row) Cordelia M. Hanneman, Joan Barasovska, Janis Harrington; (Second Row) Eric Weil, Jennifer Weiss, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, Richard Allen Taylor; (Third Row) Michael Beadle, Jane Seitel
Preston Martin
Jane Shlensky

There’s still time to submit to the Kakalak 2022 Poetry & Art Contest before the deadline of May 30th!
For more information on the deadline and guidelines, visit:

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