Scuppernong Books Hosts Kakalak 2021 Reading

Kakalak 2021 contributors and friends had a great time at Scuppernong Books, Sunday, April 3rd.

HUGE THANKS to Scuppernong Books, Greensboro, NC, for hosting and SPECIAL THANK YOU to Steve Cushman for organizing the whole event (and taking photos)!

And thanks to all the participants: Co-editor David Poston, Joan Barasovska, Sam Barbee, David Dixon, Michael Gaspeny, Laura D. Hare, Janis Harrington, Nancy Martin-Young, Alice Osborn, and Jane Shlensky.

Steve Cushman
Alice Osborn
Jane Shlensky
David E. Poston
Janis Harrington
Joan Barasovska
Michael Gaspeny
Laura D, Hare
David Dixon
Nancy Martin-Young
Sam Barbee

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