Announcing Release of moonShine review Fall/Winter Issue

The latest issue of moonShine review releases December 8, so get your pre-orders in now! See below for ordering info.

Thanks to all for making this an OUTSTANDING issue! Read on for a sneak peek…

We all have scars. Maybe you split your knee open when the school bully shoved you onto rocks. Or you got carried away and sliced your hand with the kitchen knife. Or the IED’s shrapnel left jagged lines across your legs and torso. The physical flaws we accrue show how we’ve lived, by circumstance and choice.

Likewise, the emotional trauma we collect leaves scars—usually far deeper than the visible. Throughout this issue, protagonists struggle to grow beyond mental and emotional injury. Young or old, fit or feeble, they toil to let go, leave behind, move on. One character, forced to a new home, finds comfort in baking. Another discovers friendship by putting past bigotries to rest. Even our humorous pieces lightly address the foibles of getting stuck in one’s own head.

These characters learn—through failures and feats, regret and relief, loss and love—what we leave behind shapes us as much as what we choose to carry forward. In the end, we feel much like Allen Stevenson’s protagonist in “Ike’s Flight”:

He catches an inkling of how everything works together: the fire that hardens
and purifies; the water that cools and relieves; the light of wonder against
the dark depths of grief; the wholeness of love and the void of separation.

Featured Photographer: Bill Griffin

Featured Authors: Anjali Arulpragasam Ashley, Michael Beadle, Les Brown, Michael Gaspeny, Lee Grossman, Lana Hendershott, Lisa Williams Kline, Kenneth N. Margolin, Jane Shlensky, Susan Snowden, Allen Stevenson, Bob Strother, Elizabeth B. Watson


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Thank you, contributors, for making this and every issue a labor of love. Thanks, James, for your partnership, patience, and persistence making moonShine a reality. For all, I pray we find healing and peace in the coming year and learn the truth inherent in these tales—how to become the best of ourselves.

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

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