NEW RELEASE: moonShine review spring/summer issue

Away from the harshness of daylight, promises are made, bodies come together,
words are spoken that can never be taken back—and the creative process thrives.

I can’t think of any issue that better represents the above mantra—written when I founded moonShine review. Literally and allegorically, the dichotomy of light and dark clashes from cover to cover as cheerful, comedic pictures endorse playful, entertaining tales while somber, haunting images mirror dramatic, sometimes graphic, stories.

I am in awe how these diverse plots, characters, and settings gather under a canopy of analogous voices and introspection. Authors focus on a single character’s inner thoughts and emotions, either through first-person point of view or through a third-person limited narrator who presents one character’s internal reflections.

Indulge me: please read this issue in order and don your deerstalker cap. Through a little Holmesian detecting, you’ll find minute details in one story that appear in the next. And you’ll discover nuances to unite images, and their captions, with individual pieces…

SPECIAL THANKS to this issue’s contributors:

Featured Photographers:
José H. Quiñones & Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quiñones

Featured Authors:
Michael Beadle, Jason Boling, Joyce Compton Brown, Mary Alice Dixon, Lee Grossman, Lana Hendershott, Maggie Nerz Iribarne, Linda Vigen Phillips, Jane Shlensky, Wanda Stover, Bob Strother, Elaine Thomas


Order your copy for just $6.75 ($1.25 off retail) plus tax & shipping
To order a SINGLE copy, via PayPal—you can pay with a Credit Card OR PayPal account:

Click HERE

To order MULTIPLE copies, email

To all, I encourage you to find introspection and inspiration in that moment of civil twilight—after the sun’s harsh glare has crossed the horizon and before night’s murky veil descends.

Anne M. Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

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