moonSHINE Review Press to Publish Kakalak

Welcome to a brighter, better 2021 and some exciting news about KAKALAK!

I’m thrilled to announce I am the new publisher of Kakalak. I’ve been involved with this anthology since its birth in 2005, playing different roles—designer, co-judge, co-editor. I see my new publishing role as a natural and wonderful evolution, and I’m determined to keep the best of what you’ve come to expect while making a few tweaks I think you’ll find helpful.

Please visit for all the details, including the submission guidelines for the Kakalak 2021 contest. Note, at least for now, you’ll be redirected to the parent website,, where you’ll find all the news about our press, our journal moonShine review, and Kakalak.

To celebrate the release of Kakalak 2020, the editors—Kim, David, and I—are planning ZOOM Readings for January, February, and March (and maybe April, if there’s enough participation). I’ll communicate dates and details within the next couple weeks via email, Facebook, and the new website, We hope you’ll sign up to participate in the readings AND encourage your family and friends to attend as audience members.

Special thanks to those of you who have participated in Kakalak contests. hope to see all of you participate in this year’s Zoom Readings, and PLEASE submit to Kakalak 2021!

Best to You and Yours,


Anne M. Kaylor

Publisher, moonSHINE Review Press

Executive Editor & Publisher, moonShine review & Kakalak

Editing Services & Graphic Design

Author, Unwilling to Laugh Alone and Floating a Full Boat

704-622-8829 (cell)

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